Chi Rho Precision is a company based out of Jerome, Idaho. Our main goal is to give our consumers 100% customized firearms. We are highly trained individuals who love working on firearms. Our gunsmith has over 30 years experience and can work on anything from a musket to a modern AR. We have experience in custom gun finishing and gun builds. We are a veteran owned and operated company who proudly support all men and women in uniform, either past or present. Chi Rho Precision is comprised of two partners, Cody Edie and Eric Weyant.

Cody: United States Marine Corps veteran. Cody has experience dealing with firearms of all sorts as well as experience in sales, gunsmithing, and firearm refinishing.

Eric: Experienced gunsmith and painter. Eric has over 30 years working on firearms and working in the painting industry. Eric successfully ran W-W Firearms LLC  in Jerome, Idaho, where he was known for his AK builds.  From a muzzle loader to a modern AR, he can fix it or refinish it.

Chi Rho Precision is proud to offer its services to the Magic Valley, as well as all over the United States. Feel free to contact our staff and let us know what we can do for you.

What is “Chi Rho”?

Pronounced (ky-ro), and not to be confused with churros, it is a monogram and a symbol of Christianity. The symbol is made up of the intersections of (X) and (P) which are the first two letters of the word Khritos(Christ) in Greek. Christians have used this symbol for many years but it did not gain popularity until Constantine used it on his shield following a vision he had before the Battle of Milvian Bridge in AD 312.

Chi Rho Precision is a Christian based business. We would like to take credit for the awesome things we do, but God is the one who has made it possible. It’s almost like saying we are veteran owned and God operated.

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